TUfast TUfurious won its first international F1tenth competition!

As we reported earlier in the scope of CPS/IoT Ecosystem project we started a lecture on Autonomous Racing Cars within F1tenth international program. The lecture was organized in cooperation with University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). We successfully assembled a fleet of racing cars and finalized a first inaugural lecture in summer semester of 2020.

TUfast TUfurious is a team made from the selected subtends in the course. They were working hard to create a competition ready algorithm and participate in their first international race at IFAC World Congress, Berlin, Germany.

We are proud to announce that our team won the first prize by successfully defeating all other teams in the had to head competition.

Team members: Thomas Pintaric (Captain), Mathias Lechner (IST Austria), Bernhard Schlögl, Axel Brunnbauer, und Andreas Brandstätter. Team supervisors Ramin Hasani and Radu Grosu.

Congratulations from the CPS/IoT Ecosystem project-team!