Project Overview

Project Objectives

The main goal of the project is to build a state-of-the-art infrastructure for IoT and CPS research. To recognize emerging issues in IoT and CPS universities and industrial partners must come as close to the real-life scenarios and still be able to “debug” the problems on the lover levels of abstraction.

Some of the issues universally recognized in IoT and CPS are: interoperability, security, privacy, maintenance, power consumption and many others. CPS/IoT Ecosystem plans to develop technology research labs and use case demonstration labs which would provide means to investigate major challenges and develop viable solutions.

Project Structure

The project is structured in five work packages:

  • WP1:¬† Requirements and Coordination
  • WP2: Application and System Models
  • WP3: IoT Devices and Development
  • WP4: Fog and Cloud Networking
  • WP5: Demonstrators
    • Smart Buildings
    • Smart Mobility
    • Smart Farming and Environment
    • Smart Production


Developing research and demonstration laboratories that would host close to real-life scenarios for IoT applications with close connection with CPS. The IoT installations are closely related to privacy and IP protection, and even safety boundaries that limits the level of research that can be performed. The proposed ecosystem would provide close to real-life data and infrastructure without these problems and provide researchers with limit-free access to the systems. It would also serve as state-of-the-art educational facility that can be shared and accessed by students from whole Austria, EU and the World.