An Energy Sustainable CPS/IoT Ecosystem

Haris Isakovic, Edgar Azpiazu Crespo, and Radu Grosu

EAI Edge-IoT 2020 – EAI International Conference on Intelligent Edge Processing in the IoT Era

A short overview on methods and technologies necessary to build smart and sustainable Internet-of-Things (IoT). It observes IoT systems in a close relation with data centered intelligence and its application in cyber-physical systems. With the current rate of growth IoT devices and supporting CPS infrastructure will reach extremely high numbers in less than a decade. This will create an enormous overhead on world’s supply of electrical energy. In this paper, we propose a model extension for estimation of energy consumption by IoT devices in the next decade. The paper gives a definition of CPS/IoT Ecosystem as a mutually codependent heterogeneous multidisciplinary structure. Further we explore a set of methods to reduce energy consumption and make CPS/IoT Ecosystem sustainable by design. As a case study we propose an energy harvesting sensor node implemented as a wildfire early detection system.

Energy Consumption Model
Energy Consumption Predictions for IoT
Energy Harvesting IoT Node
TEG Energy Harvesting Platform Prototype